Special Services

In our Dealership service bay, we offer specialty services for all of your vehicle needs.

Windshield rock chip repair:
We use the highest quality resins to save you costly windshield replacement.

Headlight Restoration.
We polish and seal polycarbonate headlights to help you see better and night and keep you and your family safe. Don’t let cloudy headlights dull your night vision.

Yes we are your source for new tires. We offer top brands with mounting, computer spin balancing, and tire rotation. Road hazard protection and friendly service.

Tire Sensor Replacement.
Proper tire inflation helps your tires last longer, makes your car handle properly, and improves your fuel mileage. We can replace your tire sensors and turn off that pesky light on your dash.

Auto Detailing.
A clean car not only feels good, it keeps the value as high as possible on your vehicle. From basic wash and ceramic coatings, to deep cleaning your carpets and seats. Your car will look new again.

Best of all, all of our services are TAX FREE! At a time when every penny counts, you’re guaranteed to save 8% or more from no tax!


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